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By: Ma. Teresa Baniaga of Hot Momma

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One of the not-so-flattering but absolutely apt nickname of the television is “idiot box.” I am not exactly sure why but I can think of several reasons. Foremost in my mind is the fact that it creates idiots out of its viewers – particularly the impressionable young ones.

It is almost unbelievable how much influence that box has on the minds of children today. It has almost become their entire reality, totally erasing the real world from their consciousness.

Come to think of it, children are already watching TV long before they go to school. Nowadays, their first exposure to technology, science or the arts is usually through what they see on television.

But that is not all. Along with the stuff they are exposed to on a daily basis sitting motionless infront of the television, come all sorts of rubbish and scum – violence, sex and materialism.

The effects of TV is dangerous because if kids start watching violent or unsafe stuff from a very young age, the concepts they learn are imbibed at a subliminal level – very hard to unlearn and refute because it is already part of their psyche.

In the earlier days of TV ads, not a lot of advertisements are directly aimed at kids. Now, they have changed the rules of the game. Advertisements are already crafted with young kids in mind as their target audience. Since kids do not have purchasing power on their own, this is synonymous to saying: “Tell your mom and dad to buy this for you. You need this and you’ve got to have it” If that does not help raise a breed of manipulative and materialistic young ones, I don’t know what will.

What is more unbelievable is how majority of parents and child carers rely on TV to baby-sit their wards and charges and how they actually consider it harmless. C’mon, if you are really honest, you will admit to being guilty of this at least once in your life. How many times have we coaxed our kids to stay at home and just “watch TV” when we have somewhere important to go? Or banish them to the family room with the TV on as we entertain our friends in the other reception room? Or, allow them to turn on the TV the moment they get out of bed because it’s the weekend, anyway?

I am not being unrealistic here. Of course, TV is here to stay and it would not be normal to totally deprive our kids of the opportunities to learn from the informative, educational and healthy stuff shown on TV. By all means, they should be exposed because one way or the other, TV will intrude into their lives somehow, anyway.

But we should handle the matter of TV viewing as carefully as we deliberate upon or ponder on the next big investment we are going to make. As parents, let us not take for granted that TV is normally part of life. In the olden days, it wasn’t and they got by fine. At present, there is always that big influence of TV on our kids, but we must do our part to make the experience of it more rewarding and less damaging on the kids.

What I mean is, we should take to heart what kids’ TV shows show on the corner of the screen: Parental Guidance. We must make sure that there are guidelines to follow and boundaries they cannot cross if they are to enjoy TV. More often than not, making the rules clear will reduce the confusion more than inspire spirited protests in the household.

Laying the ground rules is just half of the battle won – imposing the rules without fail will get you the results you need. Include in the rules the list of TV shows they can watch and the definite no-no’s that they should not even consider watching. Making them aware of the dangers of TV in the long run will make them realize that the whole thing is all about their own protection.

Designate a place in the house for TV viewing and avoid putting a set in kids’ bedrooms. It is more difficult to police the stuff they watch and the hours they spend watching if you do that. The high energy costs should also be one reason for you not to do it.

Last but not least, as much as possible, sit down with the kids during their TV viewing. When a questionable scene comes up, you can readily explain things to them or warn them about the dangers of imitating the words or actions they have just heard or seen.

TV is a powerful tool for communication but it can be seriously damaging to our kids. Getting the most out of it involves your vigilance and tireless policing. Why should you entrust your kids to an idiot, much less an idiot box?

About the Author

I am delighted to have as my Guest Blogger Ma. Teresa Baniaga of HotMomma and Pinoy Around the World . Mathe is a freelance writer who plans to compile in one book the adventures of Filipinos all around the globe.

In her two blogs, she discusses a variety of interesting topics.
She writes fluently and garnishes her articles with a lot of personal, profound insights that could only come from someone who writes with a heart.

Here is an excerpt about her from Ezine Articles, - a popular website for gifted writers;

"She writes articles about parenthood, raising kids, cooking, healthy living, home management, relationships and just about anything that catches her fancy. This author also writes web content and online articles for her clients. "

Need I say more?

Thanks Mathe for this wonderful opportunity.

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Books are treasure troves.

Almost all successful and famous persons I know have been "wide readers".

I have always wanted to share inspiring stories with readers.

It is a dream I know I have to fulfill in this lifetime, or I'll never rest in peace in the other realm.

This book project I will be embarking on would be entitled : "Inspirational Thoughts and Stories from Bloggers All Over the World."

The projected time of completion and publication of the book would be 1 year.

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6. As the blog's owner, I will screen and select entries for inclusion in the book. You will be notified through your EC dashboard if your contribution has been accepted or not.

7. You can send up to three entries in any of the categories.

6. For any question, feel free to send a message throught my EC widget/dashboard.
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This site was solely dedicated to the campaign in protecting our children from violence on TV.

If you notice, there are no ads, nor indication that the site's purpose is for financial gain.

I did this to ensure supporters that my desire is genuine and not for any personal gain.

I want to achieve my goal of letting people know of the danger of TV violence and the risk it poses on our children and therefore, on the future of the world they will be living in.

You might probably say, write directly to these TV stations and let them know of your sentiments.

Well, I did that!

I wrote twice to the TV stations and then twice to leading newspapers, but it seems the desire for fame and fortune is stronger to them than their worries about what would happen 10 or 20 years after.

I also made it a point to post only related articles for the campaign and so far, I was able to maintain this rule.

The past week; however, this site has been recommended by Ruby of Pinay Mommy Online as one of the 10 top emerging blogs and I am honored that this blog has caught her attention as Mommy Ruby (known to many) happens to be a "known" figure in the blogging world of making money on line. Ruby is a WAHM who expertly maintains 4 dynamic blogs that speak of her zest for life and burning desire to be a great blogger and a wonderful provider to her chidren.

Thanks Ruby for the honor.

I take this post as an exception (to every rule there is always an exception ), as I believe that writing about the recommendation of this blog for the Top Emerging blogs would further make people aware of its existence and therefore, of my campaign.

The criteria for the recommendation are simple:

1. Any blog which started from July 1, 2007 to the present and that is gaining substantial readership and has influenced others. Anonymous people are not allowed.

2. Any blog around the world could be nominated.

3. A cash prize will be awarded by The Influential Blogger who will be giving away $100 (in US each) to the top 10 with the best entry on their Top 10 nominations.

So without further ado, these are My TOP 10 EMERGING BLOGS:

1. Pinay Mommy Online -by Mommy Ruby. This is one blog that - definitely - every money making blog should watch out for. It grows by leaps and bounds and I guess- so does the earnings. You would be surprise to know however; that in spite of the Blog's continuous "quest" for money, Ruby is a WAHM, who is sincere, helpful and generous - not only to her family - but to other bloggers as well. Her site has gained readers and is still attracting bloggers from all over the world for its truly tested "money making ventures" which Ruby herself attests as to the credibility and genuineness of the affiliates and recommended sites.

2. The Esoterical Journey by Ray Gratzner is a blog I'm sure would emerge from its cocoon sooner than expected. Ray openly admits that his posts are translated from its German version and that he would appreciate any suggestions from readers. I call him The Philosopher as his topics are about life and the intricacies that go with it. He talks about these intricacies however in very simple terms that I sometimes, marvel at how "blind" I had been to these wonderful facts of life. If the reader gets to "understand" the messages he wanted to impart then very valuable lessons in life could be gleaned from his posts.

3. Ken Armstrong Writing Stuff - By Ken Armstrong is a blog I would always consider as one of my tops. If you haven't heard of the first Comment Bomb then, you're not an entrecarder. The fact that he was selected by Graham himself as the first blog to recieve the Comment Bomb is enough proof that he deserves to be in this spot. But let me state why I personally recommend his blog. I still have to read a blog that could equal Ken's down to earth, captivating, witty and humorous writing style. His stories are raindrops in a hot sultry day. Most of his posts are simple, true to life personal -sometimes embarrassing stories- that he recounts with such finesse and aplomb that one does not feel offended. Visit his blog and learn what I'm talking about.

4. The Big Picture - by Tasha is an emerging writing blog that is attracting readers slowly but surely. Tasha always wanted to write but she keeps putting it off because of the fear of not being able to meet the challenges that writing offers. She had started to write a few chapters of a romance novel when she came to know about blogging. She took this great opportunity to share her passion for writing. Amidst her busy schedule, she manages to write- little by little - the chapters of her novel. At first, I was the only one reading her heartwarming romantic novel but as days went on, there were more and more readers who found her story compelling and came back for more. I am overjoyed to know that her blog is slowly becoming known in the blogging community and emerging as one of those blogs to watch out for. Good luck Tasha.

5. Pinoy Around the World - by Mathe is a personal blog of a WAHM in London. There is a nostalgic and poignant touch to her stories as I can relate to them like many bloggers around the world. The writer approaches her topic very simply but with the quiddity of what should really be considered significant in this lifetime. She has a dream of publishing a book about the adventures and misadventures of Filipinos in a foreign land and although this topic is specific, I'm sure many around the globe can relate to a person's attempt to succeed in a place away from "home". I'm certain Mathe will eventually publish her book.

6. The Spitting Vessel - by Durano is one blog I always wanted to recommend. The author writes about anything and everything under the sun and he does it smoothly and fluently - like a whispering breeze. His readers come from different parts of the globe because of the interesting varied topics that he posts. He also does it with flair and audacity notwithstanding the controversy his post might spark from among his readers. The style in which he writes a controversial piece does not inspire embarrassment, indifference or discrimination though, but promotes a healthy debate among its readers.

7. Humane Blogging Tips - by Guardian Angel is a blog about blogging and blogging resources. I believe it to be a top emerging blog because I can see his readers increasing in number because of the useful pointers and tips he writes about blogging. His posts are very organized and the topics are presented in an easy to follow format which makes readers easily understand. If you want to know about how to let "droppers" read your post, visit his site and learn how to do it. Incidentally he has also another blog

8. Happy Family Matters - which is about responisble parenting with vital tips on how to properly raise your children. This is the first blog I have read that dealt with this very important topic-the family.

9. The Ruminations of a Small Town Mountain Boy - by Eric is a blog which I have discovered recently. I believe it to be a top emerging blog as the author writes about topics which are close to anyone's heart. His site also features other blogs which he came across the blogosphere thereby demonstrating his generousity and good heart. He writes well and does it with a touch of class. The mountain boy has great talent. His readers are increasing in number and will continue to do so as he writes wholewheartedly about his personal experiences.

10. The Struggling Blogger by Roy is one blog I just read last week. I had dropped on it the earlier days but I seldom stop to read his posts. One entry however caught my eye and that was the article about TV ads which he allowed me to post too in this blog. I discovered that he had several blogs, about life, love, inspiration and other significant topics. His Letters to Mama blog tugged at my heartstrings for this blog is a witness to his courage, as a man who have learned to accept his beloved's departure from this mundane existence. His "The Struggling Blogger " blog is well organized, well optmized and well written too. Roy, I wish you all the best in your future ventures. I'm certain your blog will emerge as one of the top blogs because of your sincere motivation and aspiration to share what you have with those in the blogosphere.

I was informed by Influential Blogger that the blogs should have been created after July 2007 so one of my entries will not be qualified because of this; but I'll include it here anyway.
Caught In The Stream - by Francis Scudellari is a writing blog that is gaining popularity day by day. Readers come from a wide array of categories, all converging in his blog marvelling at the works of art, poems and stories that he posts. He has a particular, brilliant style that puts him ahead of his contemporaries - a style that converts a simple thing to a truly amazing artwork that could speak volumes to each type of reader who is "touched" by it. He is a poet, a painter and a writer, all rolled into one, that's why I always refer to him as The Artist Extraordinaire.

These are my top emerging blogs. I have great faith in their ability to be tops in their own blogging genre and I firmly proclaim these blogs as the TOP EMERGING INFLUENTIAL BLOGS to watch out for !

Thursday, July 10, 2008

How Safe Are Our Kids From TV Commercials?

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We see a mother giving her son a dozen donuts in a box, and told him to share it to his playmates. The boy then counted all his friends who are busy looking for a place to hide as they were playing hide-and-seek with the boy being the it. As they show his playmates one by one, hearing the boy’s voice on the background… coincidentally, there were twelve of them, including the boy!

Quickly he called all his playmates from hiding and announced that he has donuts to share. When they approached him, the camera showed all eleven donuts gone and just one remaining which was divided into 12 pieces. It seems the boy have consumed all eleven pieces and have left just one piece to share with his friends. Cute… or is it? I say it is an obvious display of greed and selfishness.

Next we see a young boy merely out of his toddler years, seemingly strong enough to pull the bedsheet off the bed and dropping both his parents on the floor. Then he is shown lying down on the bed comfortably… having the whole space all to himself. Is that cute or a blatant show of disrespect?

And what about the taglines “For Kids Only"… showing in the ads that kids should not share to adults. And is it really right to promote ‘Lampayatot‘ (weakling and thin) in the television? How safe really are today’s TV commercials for our kids? To think that I have only mentioned those featuring kids in the commercial itself. I have yet to tackle on those which show adults delivering various unchild-friendly messages.

Somebody is sleeping on his or her job. That’s all I can think of. Television, being the cheapest form of entertainment has access to young kids whose minds are like sponge and absorbed everything that they can see or hear.

I am not a moralist nor am I a holier-than-thou-soul, but do we really need a bikini-clad lady eating an ice cream for a commercial? And the discussion on the flavor of condom to be purchased, like they were just buying candy. And with a great cigarette, you can get the women that you like!

Alcoholism is also such a big issue, as children are made to believe that it is what bonds friends, and is a great reward for a hard day’s work. Clearly, there are more and more TV commercials being shown today without regards to value whatsoever. And unfortunately, they have access to our children’s attention.

So how safe really, are our kids from today TV commercials?

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By: Kathleen Milazzo

There is no doubt in my mind that children should not be exposed to violence on TV or anywhere for that matter.

The sad fact is, violence is a part of human nature and society and appears in the news, TV shows, and movies. Even music videos are not exempt. Impressionable teens and younger children are very much affected by seeing this violence.

Photo by: Jeff Sandquist

I can remember when I was younger, sneaking by my parents room to watch a movie they were watching on the TV. It was a murder mystery and I remember one scene where someone was killed in an elevator and when the doors of the elevator closed the blood from the victim poured out.

I not only had nightmares that night but I couldn't get that image out of my head for two or three weeks. I was afraid to sleep and even afraid to close my eyes for bed. I stopped sneaking by their door after that.

Parents have to be vigilant about knowing and monitoring what their kids see on the TV because everyone knows that as long as something is getting high ratings, it will not be taken off the air.


is a "Certified Activity Director and worked as such at Lexington of Chicago Ridge, and Oak Lawn Nursing Home".

She has written numerous articles for several web sites that included a variety of topics on web pages, reviews for retail stores, and even wrote educational trivia for Microsoft among others.

For more of her impressive qualifications - read here. Visit her blogs too and be amazed at her expertise in almost all topics!