Thursday, July 10, 2008

How Safe Are Our Kids From TV Commercials?

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We see a mother giving her son a dozen donuts in a box, and told him to share it to his playmates. The boy then counted all his friends who are busy looking for a place to hide as they were playing hide-and-seek with the boy being the it. As they show his playmates one by one, hearing the boy’s voice on the background… coincidentally, there were twelve of them, including the boy!

Quickly he called all his playmates from hiding and announced that he has donuts to share. When they approached him, the camera showed all eleven donuts gone and just one remaining which was divided into 12 pieces. It seems the boy have consumed all eleven pieces and have left just one piece to share with his friends. Cute… or is it? I say it is an obvious display of greed and selfishness.

Next we see a young boy merely out of his toddler years, seemingly strong enough to pull the bedsheet off the bed and dropping both his parents on the floor. Then he is shown lying down on the bed comfortably… having the whole space all to himself. Is that cute or a blatant show of disrespect?

And what about the taglines “For Kids Only"… showing in the ads that kids should not share to adults. And is it really right to promote ‘Lampayatot‘ (weakling and thin) in the television? How safe really are today’s TV commercials for our kids? To think that I have only mentioned those featuring kids in the commercial itself. I have yet to tackle on those which show adults delivering various unchild-friendly messages.

Somebody is sleeping on his or her job. That’s all I can think of. Television, being the cheapest form of entertainment has access to young kids whose minds are like sponge and absorbed everything that they can see or hear.

I am not a moralist nor am I a holier-than-thou-soul, but do we really need a bikini-clad lady eating an ice cream for a commercial? And the discussion on the flavor of condom to be purchased, like they were just buying candy. And with a great cigarette, you can get the women that you like!

Alcoholism is also such a big issue, as children are made to believe that it is what bonds friends, and is a great reward for a hard day’s work. Clearly, there are more and more TV commercials being shown today without regards to value whatsoever. And unfortunately, they have access to our children’s attention.

So how safe really, are our kids from today TV commercials?

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Anonymous said...

wow! not only did you mention my blog, you even included my other blogs as well!

kudos to you! you really like giving more than what is expected.

i salute you!


Jena Isle said...

Thanks Roy, I am a believer of the adage, "We only pass this way once, so any goodness or kindness I want to do, let me do it now, because I may not pass this way again."

Thanks Roy for dropping by. Cheers!