Friday, September 26, 2008

Read These Interesting Topics from Helium

Community programs that can promote youth development

Youth development should be the primary consideration of any community because the youth are"The Hope of the Fatherland" (Jose Rizal).

It is right and proper therefore, that community programs should promote youth development.

What community programs could do this? The below mentioned are some suggestions of useful and relevant programs.

How poverty is a challenge to democracy

Poverty is most often not associated with democracy but with communism. That makes it a challenge for democracy to prove that this is indeed true.

The truth is, poverty exists everywhere, but since democracy stands for the freedom and liberty to create your own destiny, then it is looked upon as the right style of government that would eradicate or lessen poverty.

Building a relationship with your child

Parents sometimes fail to recognize that building a good and strong bond with their children does not come in a silver platter. They will have to work hard for it.

My greatest fear when I started rearing my children was the fear that they could not trust me with their growing-up "secrets". I have watched families which were destroyed by the lack of close bonding between parent and child. The child turned to drugs, etc to find that sense of "closeness" and "belongingness" which he/she could not find at home.

Reflections: How can child labor be eradicated?

"When I approach a child, he inspires in me two sentiments; tenderness for what he is, and respect for what he may become." A quotation by: Louis Pasteur (Scientist)

Indeed our children are the future of the world. If we take good care of our children then we are ensuring the bright future of the world as well.

What does it take to make poverty an important news story?

Poverty is like a bad, scary movie. It is not real, not until it happens to you.

Poverty in third world developing countries is astounding! Street children and homeless people are increasing in number day by day. We catch a glimpse of almost naked children plying the streets for food and for shelter. Sometimes they even resort to drastic means to satiate their hunger pangs. Child prostitution and sex slaves are usually because of poverty. But do we truly care? We read about them, sometimes watch these stories on TV; but does the story make the front pages? Do we do something to help these people?

How many of us would stop by and help a person in dire need?


tashabud said...

Hi Jena,
Wow, you've been busy with all of these writings. I've visited some of your aricles at Helium and they are very good. Way to go. Not only you get published there, you also get paid, which is the coolest part of it all.


Jena Isle said...

Hi Tasha, thanks for the encouraging words. I appreciate it a lot.

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