Friday, October 24, 2008

Violence on TV and our Children

By Purpled Sky

Even before I had a daughter of my own, I have always been strong on my belief that children shouldn't be watching TV unless those that are designed for them.

And even so, TV watching should be properly monitored, after all, toddlers are more attentive to commercials primarily because of their catchy jingles. And hey, don't tell me I am the only one who hates commercials.

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About the Author:

Visit Purpled Sky's blog and read about interesting topics -one of them talks about TV violence - and many more.

Purpled Sky also says: "The best afternoon for me is spent snuggling with husband and playing peek-a-boo with baby X."

She is a great writer and I would like to correct an error which I had posted about her being a SAHM. Well, she is even more than that; she is also a working mom.

My hats off to you PS!

Thanks, for supporting this campaign.


Purpled Sky said...

Hi Jena,
Thanks for featuring my article here. As I've said, I am a strong believer of the campaign.

BTW, I so wish I were a SAHM, but I'm not. I'm a corporate slave working as technical writer in an IT firm :-) Would've been perfect if I were a SAHM or a WAHM :-)

Jena Isle said...

Hi Purpled Sky,

I am sorry about that. That is why you write so well.

Thanks for the wite up.

tashabud said...

Cute baby. I felt the same way about my kids when they were little, until they got older and hubby put a T.V. in each of the kid's rooms.

My daughter says now that when she has her own children that she's going to be strict and monitor what they'll be watching. She's going to be an Electrical Engineer with Minor in Computer Engineering Degree, so I'd imagine she'll come up with a gadget to do what she wants to do about restricting her kids' t.v. viewing cabilities. I hope she'll be successful.


Purpled Sky said...

@ tash -- hook me up when your daughter is successful in her invention? that would be a cool gadget to have :-)