Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Thanks Jean of Jean's Musings for this Noblesse Award!

As a rule, I had stopped accepting awards, but I couldn't refuse this award - Noblesse Oblige - from JEAN of JEAN'S MUSINGS. (I apologize to Jean for the late posting as some family concerns had kept me out of blogging. But better late than never - as the cliche' goes.)

Jean Knill is one very competent and versatile writer for Helium, Constant Content and many more. She is someone I admire so much, for the way she promotes friendship in the blogosphere. She's one blogger you could count on and one very helpful hand when you're in need of help. She reaches out to other bloggers regardless of race or creed. Furthermore, she exemplifies the following endearing characteristics ( as contained in the award), inspiring and encouraging other bloggers all over the world.

Below is the criteria of the award which I have copied verbatim from Jean:

- Start of excerpt

The recipient of this award is recognized for the following:

1) The Blogger manifests exemplary attitude, respecting the nuances that pervade among different cultures and beliefs.
2) The Blog contents inspire, strive to encourage and offer solutions.
3) There is a clear purpose at the Blog; one that fosters a better understanding on Social, Political, Economic, the Arts, Culture and Sciences and Beliefs.
4) The Blog is refreshing and creative.
5) The Blogger promotes friendship and positive thinking.

The Blogger who receives this award will need to perform the following steps:

1) Create a Post with a mention and link to the person who presented the Noblesse Oblige Award.
2) The Award Conditions must be displayed at the Post.
3) Write a short article about what the Blog has thus far achieved – preferably citing one or more older posts to support this.
4) The Blogger must present the Noblesse Oblige Award in concurrence with the Award conditions.
5) Blogger must display the Award at any location at the Blog.

- End of excerpt.

What has this blog achieved?

This blog was solely created to campaign against violence in children's TV shows. I wanted to let people become aware of the negative effects violence has on children. This campaign though, has been and still is being ignored by TV producers, directors and writers. "They patronize it, so let's give what they want," seems to be their dogma. It is like giving a child a knife - even when we know it's dangerous - because he likes to play with it. I'm quite aghast with the indifferent attitude of these TV people. What I can perceive is that AS LONG AS THEY EARN, THEN THERE IS NO NEED TO APPEASE THEIR CONSCIENCE.

If through my blog, one or two people become aware of this blog's campaign then I would be happy. Thanks Jean for this awesome award. I hope that I would continue to fulfill the purpose of the award .

I am passing on this award to one phenomenal blog which I had witnessed to sizzle through the blogosphere - like a shooting star: ZORLONE - authored by DOC ZORLONE. Doc Z, as most bloggers call him - is an internist in the field of internal medicine. What's amazing is that he is a brilliant poet and a superb writer too.

He writes for Helium, Triond and Associated Content. At Helium , he has earned several stars.

In the span of barely 4 months, he had managed to obtain PR2 and had gained more than 30 followers. His posts are well commented on and his readers come from different parts of the globe. It is with pride that I honor him with this award!

I also award ROY of THE STRUGGLING BLOGGER , for being an indomitable, true blogger. Roy has 13 blogs and he says there are still some that is not listed in his side bar. The following are his blogs:
Roy, through his many blogs, has promoted friendship across all barriers.

He is one "struggling blogger" who serves as inspiration to bloggers for his audacity ( writing about sensitive topics), creativity ( he's a "flawless"poet and story teller too!) . He also is an enterprising businessman (read his Money on Line blog) , a down to earth writer and many more.

His dynamic persona is reflected through his variety of blogs. If anyone deserves this award - it is Roy.

Thanks to these two bloggers who made the blogosphere a better world to live in.


Roy said...

again, thank you for making me use my dictionary... lol

now I can add "indomitable" to inveigle, lachrymose and other words you supplied me, hehe...

the definition of indomitable made me smile, hehe... it reminds of a typical Taurean characteristic :)

thank you very much for this award and for all those generous superlatives you bestowed upon me.

I hope I can live up to them.

Thanks Jena!

Jena Isle said...

Hello Roy,

You're welcome. You deserve it. I hope you continue to be an inspiration for other bloggers. Good luck in your future ventures and all the best.

zorlone said...

I am truly honored for this award. Thank you jena for taking time and effort in putting this up. I really don't know what to say but to be thankful.

It may be from my inexperience in blogging, but I have dared to post a no to blog awards on my site. Call me ridiculous but, I would like to be consistent with what I post. You may hate me, but I cannot accept your blog award.

An apology may not be sufficient, nevertheless, I shall try.

Please forgive this action. I do hope that it will not change our online friendship.


Jena Isle said...

Hi Zorlone,

Your posting about the awards in one of your stories is enough acknowledgment. I have been forwarned but I did it at my own risk anyway.

of course, it won't affect our online friendship. True friendship could never be ruined by "non-acceptance of awards". A friend will always understand. I've read what you composed at your blog for the awards you have received, thanks for including me.

All the best.

jakill said...

Hi Jena. Great post re the award. Thanks so much for all your kind words.

Bobby Revell said...

Hi Jena, I don't think I've ever left a comment on any of your blogs before but I have read many of your articles on your main blog and just read, I think, all of the articles on this blog just now. I feel like a black sheep coming here because I write extremely violent fiction, a thousand times more horrific than anything shown on TV or in movies, but it has nothing to do with me personally of my personal life. I just like violent fiction.

I am also very spiritual, I practice Aikido and teach it, and am a lifelong student of Zen. So, I teach an art (Aikido) that preaches non-violence and how to peacefully handle any situation in life. I spend my free time teaching and helping young people with drug addiction and giving them coping tools so they can deal with life. I watched all kinds of violent TV and movies growing up and it never made me violent in real life. I am against violence, I preach against racism and have written many articles about it, I oppose war and am a calm friendly person--but I do love violent entertainment sometimes. But that's just it, it's nothing more than stress relieving entertainment. I think if parents do a good job instilling values and morals in their children, they will see TV for what it is and I doubt it will damage their minds. I think it's up to parents to control what their children watch, but there should be non-violent programs on so everything isn't bad for kids.

I've wanted to say hello to you for a while and I hope you don't judge me for writing violent and often disgusting fiction! I have been harshly judged in college writing classes, and local writing groups because people often believe if I write such things, there must be something wrong with me. Seriously, people actually believe I must be insane to write such things and it hurts because they really know nothing about me.

I'm not sure I agree that violent TV will make a child violent but I could be wrong. It never affected me and I pride myself on being a good caring person. I hope you don't mind this long comment lol! I was struck by your passion and understand how you care about children and peace. After being so rudely criticized five days ago for reading a section of my upcoming novel to a local writing group (an extremely conservative bunch), I see this blog and had to share with you how I feel. I don't write for or recommend my fiction stories for children, but I could write wholesome children or teen stories if I wanted to and I may one day. Only 5% of the articles on my blog are dark fiction, all the rest are normal articles about anything/everything.

I agree with you that there's not enough good programming for kids, and I wish you luck in your endeavor. And I truly do appreciate why you're doing it:)

Jena Isle said...

Hi Bobby,

I appreciate your well thought of comments. I believe you're one of the few who are not affected so much by what they see, read and watch everyday. But several researches were done and it has been proven that these violent TV shows do have an effect on the behavior of children. (Kindly read past aticles in this blog.)

I do visit your site often, I just don't comment too. I'll try to return the visit soon.

All the best.