Saturday, September 18, 2010

How to let a child help make parenting decisions

Making major parenting decisions is not always easy; there are times that you have to consider the sentiments of your child before arriving at a final decision.
How do you let your child help make parenting decisions?

1. Children are honest and they speak their mind. When the decision concerns them, they should help to decide. This would motivate them to participate actively and make sure that the decision would be implemented according to plan. This would ensure the success of that particular endeavor.

2. Ask his opinion about how best to approach a problem. e.g. "You still have classes tomorrow, when do you want your operation to be scheduled?" This method would show him that you value his opinion. When he is aware of this, he will be cooperative and would try his best to support whatever final decision you arrive at. He would also feel that his opinion matters to you. This would strengthen your parent-child bond.

3. Your little girl could help you in deciding what dress to buy for her piano recital.
"Would it be that pink, flowing dress or the black haltered, straight one? " Allowing her to take a hand in the selection would make her more self-confident about decisions she will be making in the future.

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