Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Avoid Violence - How to cope with a jealous partner

Extremely jealous partners are usually not in their sane minds. The intense emotion of jealousy clouds their judgment and it could overpower their rational thinking. No amount of explanation could make them understand and see reason. Although jealousy is a natural part of loving a person, when it becomes intense and misplaced, it is no longer normal and it becomes an ugly monster.

Hence, it is crucial that the other partner realizes this and reacts accordingly. So how could one cope with a jealous partner?

Here are some tips on coping with the green-eyed monster:

1. Avoid the root cause of your partner's jealousy. Once jealousy rears its ugly head, it will grow horns until it would have self destructed. That is why don't allow its head to appear. Keep it under wraps by avoiding circumstances that would permit your partner to start feeling jealous.
It is good to be amiable and to have many friends, but would it be worth it, if your relationship suffers and go to the doldrums?

2. Slowly introduce your partner to friends to let him understand that your friends are not threats to your relationship. Do this by going out in groups with your friends. Don't concentrate on one person alone.

3. Assure him more often that you love him. Insecurity is the major cause of jealousy. When your partner is sure of your love, then there is no reason for him to get jealous. Let him/her understand that you may have many friends but he is the only person who has your love and devotion.

4. When he is in a fit of jealousy, don't get angry. Remember, he could not think straight at the moment, so be the calmer person. Get yourself and him away from the person he is jealous of. Don't try to "talk" to him if he refuses to listen.

5. Do something productive (outdoor sports would be ideal- badminton, etc). This will take his mind away from the issue and give him sometime to recover. During the process do not attempt to explain, instead avoid contact with the person he is jealous of.

6. When he has calmed down, have a heart to heart talk with him. The only solution to the problem is when he is assured of your unconditional love and that he is certain that you love him and no other.

7. Don't just tell him you love him. Show through your thoughtful and caring actions.
And if you truly love him, then there will be no cause for him to get jealous because your actions would never indicate otherwise. You would always consider his feelings before doing anything. True love is expressed through actions and words. Being expressive of your love would help eradicate in your relationship that yellow headed-monster called jealousy.

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