Saturday, October 29, 2011

Perspective of a Youth on TV Violence

By: Federico Webster Magcalas
Issues and problems are divided into two categories; one part falls under the direct effect (short term) problems and the other part falls under the long term problems in which its effect would probably be felt after years. Violence in the environment of children falls under the second one.

Many of us fail to recognize these kinds of problems because we think that since they don't have an effect immediately, we should address them some other time. Little do we realize that little by little these problems will accumulate and one day will take its toll on you

I've heard a lot of mothers complaining about horrible children "as if they were raising terrorists". If only they knew that the root of it is because children see things they're not suppose to see that is why they're imitating it.

I mean we can't change the world in a minute, but think of the people you might help in the future just because you are aware and you condemn violence in children's TV shows. Probably not even .000001% of this population wouldn't even know that this group exist, but its okay because it is fulfilling to know that there would be 265 (at the moment) parents in the future whose children would be of good character because his/her PARENTS KNOW WHAT IS BEST FOR HIM/HER.

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