Sunday, March 22, 2009

They Refuse to Listen - They Just Want to Earn!

These TV stations keep on with their violent themes. Their reason? "because the public wants them." What type of logic is that? Well many of these viewers are unaware of the bad repercussions these shows have on their children, because they never get to read articles about these bad effects.

It's just like saying, "I give her candy before she goes to bed because she asks for it." -even when we know that this would lead to dental carries in the child. The child is unaware of the eventual result that is why she asks for it, but as someone who knows more than her, why don't you refuse the request? This is a trivial example. I can go on and on and cite more serious cases, but I know you got my point. No one is a dumbo here, right?

But- no- they don't bother to look into the "whys". They just want to earn money. To hell with the future of the nation and of the world! They continue with there violent programs and find no other non violent means to earn money. May God have mercy on their souls!


Anonymous said...

They always have justifications for their actions...

unfortunately, authorities who should be checking are turning their heads so they won't see

Jena Isle said...

You're right Roy, Money talks.