Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ian Peatey's Comment on Campaign Against Violence on Children's TV Programs: 3rd Prize


Dear Jena.

I support any movement aimed at promoting alternatives to violence. We seem to have a built a world where violence is accepted, even encouraged as a way of solving our conflicts. And this is reinforced by our apparent addiction to violence as a form of entertainment for all.

Children are incredible 'learning machines' - I'm amazed by how fast my 5 year old picks things up. She's HUNGRY for things to learn. And so she's particularly susceptible to all the messages she receives. I try to shield her from the violent messages contained in the mass media (not only TV) - but it's impossible to keep her from everything I would wish to. It shouldn't be so hard to protect her!

I believe the best way to change is to offer non-violent alternatives. We need to persuade the programme makers and TV and media (and schools and parents .. the list is endless!) that there are equally entertaining and enjoyable ways of spending time that do not involve violence.

Simply trying to eradicate violence won't work .. we need to be clear what we want in its place.

Good luck and I wish this every success .. for the sake of all our children. Ian


Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jena,

thank you posting my comment. I appreciate you fight against violence and it is a wonderful dream, to think of a time, where violence will not be more consumed for fun....Happy Blogging

Anonymous said...

Hi Ray.

Yes, I too wish for that time. Thanks for the dropping by. happy blog hopping.

Anonymous said...

Jena. Thanks again. I find it wonderful that since I've started blogging (about 6 months now) I've found so many people as passionate about peace and nonviolence as I am. I do believe we will all make a difference! Ian

Anonymous said...

baby's are very innocent what they hear and see is probably they'll do in time.. nourishing your children with good deeds and right manners with the fear of God is the only weapon you can give..