Friday, February 12, 2010

Health is a Multi-factorial Entity

Health is a multi-factorial entity. It involves everyone in the set-up: the government, the health workers, the health facilities, and the private sector. When one of these categories does not cooperate, then there will be no total wellness. It is imperative that all will come together as one to maintain health and wellness.

There are two very important categories that a person needs to ensure health and wellness:

1. Necessities like food, water, air, clothing, and shelter. You cannot live without food for a month. You can live without water for 2 weeks, and you can live without air for 2 minutes.

These are contained in first rung of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

The rest are love and belongingness, spiritual connection, need for self-esteem, and need for self-actualization.

For a person to be able to achieve completeness, all her needs should be fulfilled.

2.A support system like a health insurance that would make her feel secure and safe when needs support for medical procedures and the like. These insurance leads will lead genuine health insurance company seekers to find the appropriate health insurance company for them. Each person has certain preferences, which she wanted considered in her life and health insurance. With, insurance leads are existing clients.

Life and health insurance agent s who are seeking clients could rely on these insurance leads. They provide essential links to truly interested applicants. They also ensure that agents are given appropriate confidence in using the leads.

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