Friday, June 15, 2012

Whose Responsibility is it to Monitor Children's TV Viewing?

Being a community of people means there should be a concerted effort from everyone concerned to solve the problem.

The parents foremost, the school, the community itself and the government. Nothing succeeds unless all sectors cooperate in solving the problem. Take for example the problem of pirated movies.

Do we say, it's not our problem, it's the producers 'problem, they should be on guard and keep their copies under lock and key. We won't bother because we don't even earn from it. They alone are responsible in curbing piracy.

But of course, this is not the case, everyone has to step in and give his fair share to curb piracy. Even buyers should cooperate and buy the original CDs instead of the pirated ones.(Even if it means spending more.)

I once had monitored a certain group, and after the activity, someone lost her wallet. I had to gather them up and asked them to help in the search. One of them said, " It's her responsibility not to just let her purse lying around." Well, well, well, is this the kind of principle or values we want our children/youth to learn?

If honesty would have been taught, and the respect for other's property were the focus then, no matter where the purse was, it would always find its way back to the owner, because children would have learned that getting what is not your own is bad.

Saying that parents are responsible alone in controlling the TV viewing of their children is tantamount to saying, there are no other factors that affect the activity.

Government stepped in to warn people about smoking, alcohol, pre-martial sex, piracy etc, wouldn't it be logical and responsible for them to do something about TV violence in a supposedly for "general patronage "program? Isn't it their moral responsibility to see to it that children are protected?

We must remember that the future of the country and of the world are upon the children. Please read more of the articles in this blog and open your mind. Thanks for reading and for commenting. I appreciate it a lot.

God bless.

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