Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ray Gratzner's Comment on the Campaign for Non Violence in Children's TV Programs - SECOND PRIZE

By Ray Gratzner of Esoterical Journey

Dear jena, I don't want any ec-credits,my opinion is for free...;-)

Children learn from adults but nowadays children are left alone with tv. For some parents that is convenient because they get some children-free time.

So images of violence enter young minds and are stored deep down in the subconscious mind...

If our reality is a product of our thoughts, the reality of children will change, due to the impact of violent images, will be directed in a more violent direction. Is this a value for society?

There is so much entertainment, which has no need of violence. The tv series Friends for example, entertains without violence.

Why not produce entertainment, that is full of suspense, but void of violence?

In the USA until the end of highschool an average pupil has seen 32 000 murders, 40 000 attempted murders, 200 000 violent crimes. In 73% the offender will not be prosecuted and there are no alternatives shown up how the conflict could have been solved without violence.

What rules could a person derive from such a tv propaganda?

No violence on TV!

Happy Blogging.

Photo by Aaron Escobar

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